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Can you loose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?

Can you loose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?

Yes, you can lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, but is it advisable?

 I’ve spent a better half of the last decade trying out yo-yo diets with little results, to my amazement and frustration all at the same time. While I’m amazed at my resilience to never stop trying new trends, I ultimately find myself frustrated by my inability to stick to a diet long enough to see any substantial results. The truth about extreme diets, is that, they are not sustainable. Unless you are willing to change your life drastically and never succumb to your sugar or carb cravings, you may end up finding yourself losing a bunch of weight, only to gain it back as you progress back to eating normally again.

Back in 2014, I was travelling extensively for work, Monday through Friday every week, which I had been doing for almost two years at this point. Two years of constant travelling from Chi to the west coast had left my archaeon cycle suffering, leading to poor sleeping pattern. That coupled with eating several meals a week outside with a good number of libations included, had led to a 10-pound weight gain, which I was struggling to deal with. While 10 pounds may not seem like a lot, it can quickly start to show through your clothes, especially those expensive work outfits that I couldn’t fathom replacing just yet as I planned on losing the excess weight. So, one day as I was flipping through channels, I stumbled upon Dr. Oz’s Show, where he was challenging women to follow his new weight loss program and lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I listened carefully as Dr. Oz outlined the details of the strict diet, which eliminated coffee, alcohol, dairy, sugar and wheat from your diet and allowed you to eat any amount of low starchy vegetables, 6oz of Protein a day and an almond or coconut milk based smoothie. He also mentioned during the program, that most of the weight that you would lose was going to be water weight and that losing more than 2 pounds a week is generally not considered healthy.

Despite the warning, I decided to try it and try I did with all my might. That weekend I did my grocery shopping as per Dr. Oz’s website and carefully planned my meals for the week. There was a vegetable broth that you had to make daily and consume throughout the day. The Almond milk and mixed berries smoothie was to die for and is one of the staples from the diet that has stayed with us to this day. Its packed with the wholesome goodness of berries, flaxseed and almond milk and a great choice for breakfast when you are in a rush. Even my little one loves it and calls it ‘purple smoothie’.  The most drastic part of the diet was no bread, no coffee and no dairy, things that were essential to my functioning as a normal adult. Anyone who knows me, knows that I live for coffee and that too with milk and sugar, which I had to sacrifice in a pouf. The first few days were brutal as I suffered from coffee withdrawal in the form of headaches and low energy. But as the week progressed, I started to feel more energetic and started looking forward to morning rituals like starting my day with a warm cup of water with ½ a lemon in it and making vegetable broth for the day. The second week went by rather quickly and when I weighted myself at the end of the challenge, I had lost 8 pounds and felt great. My skin was glowing, which I believe was due to all the water I was consuming in the form of broth on this diet.

I slowly started back on my normal diet after the two weeks, but continued to monitor what I was eating. I also kept the ritual of starting my morning with warn water with lemon in it and making the mixed berries smoothie for breakfast from time to time. While I did gain the weight back, it wasn’t entirely because I went off the diet, but because I got pregnant within a few weeks after I finished the challenge.

 I don’t recommend fad diets, but I feel like this diet will force you to change how you view vegetables and incorporate some good healthy routines into your lifestyle. It’s also a great way to lose some weight for a special occasion or kick start a new fitness program. More information on this diet can be found at


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